Boost your sales with the power of AI.

Aikey generates individually adjusted product recommendations and ads based on your customers previous activities. Creating an individual profile for each customer allows Aikey to continuously adjust recommendations and increase your sales.

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Aikey - Intelligence in commerce

Increased Sales With Accurate Predictions and Smart Ads

We increase your sales by giving your customers the most relevant products based on their interactions with your site.

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Anonymous with encrypted connection

Aikey is by default an anonymous and secure service that doesn't need your customers personal information to make great predictions.

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Customer profile and statistics built for e-commerce

We collect a lot of data about your users interactions that you can easily take part of in the Aikey portal.

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Integrate to your own customer database

Aikey identifies it's customers by a uniqe Id that can be saved to your existing customer database. So the customers profile will be grown over even longer time.

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<script src=""></script>
        clientId: "your-clientId", 
        publicKey: "your-publickey"


Super easy to implement

Aikey can easily be implemented with our javascript library. Just copy and paste this script and add your own credentials to initiate Aikey after that you can start registering events and displaying products and ads. You can also implement directly to our API with your programming language of choice. 

You can find everything you need to know in our documentation.

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