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Aikey gives your customers customised recommendations, while giving you a better insight on how they shop

Our recommendation software creates a profile for each of your customers as fast as they visit your site, it then continues to building the profile for each action they take on your site.

These recommendations are suitable for any location on your site, they are either based on the users interaction or other data we can collect on the user.


Recommendations based on Similar attributes

This list takes the user interactions with products and match those with products that have similar attributes.

User recommendations

This list makes recommendations to the user based on the interactions the user have made on the site.

Shown by user

A list of products that the user has recently viewed.

Popular products

This list gets your shops most popular products based on views, purchases and reviews.

Popular Products With Attribute

These are popular products with a certain attribute. For example if you have added the attribute "Shoes" to your product. You can then get a list of your most popular shoes.

Popular products in users city or country

This type of recommendation is a great alternative for location based services. For example events or restaurants.

Others bought

This list shows similar products that users have also bought together with the list of products passed to Aikey.


This type of recommendation are suitable for product pages or any other place that can relate to a single product, since it takes a product id as an input and bases the recommendations on that product.


Others bought
These recommendations shows similar products that users have also bought together with this product.

Similar attributes
This list takes the product and match those with products that have similar attributes. For example color, category, size etc.

Search with dynamic filtering

You can also take advantage of Aikey's fast product search where we offer both text search and filtering on your products properties added to Aikey. This means you can both add a free text search and replace your old category page both with personalized results. So your user can narrow down their search to a specific color with a specific brand and recommended specifically for them.


By implementing Aikey's rating system your customers can easily find your well liked products while at the same time letting you know what products are less popular so you don't have to keep them in stock. While at the same time improving their recommendations allowing you to sell more!


Aikey offers favorites funcitonality, it's easy to implement to your site and gives your customers a way to save their favorites while browsing your products. This also gives Aikey additonal data on what the customers like, giving you better conversion rates.

Already have a favorite system?

No problem! You can easily integrate Aikey's system with your own so you only use our system to improve on your users recommendations.

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