Integration as easy as ctrl + v

We have made Aikey so easy to integrate that you hardly need coding experience to enter into an e-commerce. With our javascript SDK you can easily enter all the code required to start registering your users' actions on your e-commerce. To start displaying products, you must have or add an api to retrieve products from the IDs registered in Aikey. However, this is something that most modern e-commerce platforms already have, or that can easily be added. We also have a REST API for those who want to integrate Aikey directly into their own system.

Integrate with your existing customer database

Aikey is basically anonymous because we do not believe in handling all of your customers' personal data. Despite this, it is easy to link our services with your customer's account. All you have to do is save the user's Aikey ID generated by us and save it to your user. This way, their marked favorites will remain, reviews will be linked to that user and all customer interactions will be used to recommend products each time the user logs in.

Do you need help with your integration?

If you want help getting started with Aikey, you can just contact us and we will help you with your questions and can recommend any of our partners who can help you put Aikey on your site.

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