Anonymous in it's core

In this day and age a lot of companies belive that users personal information and data equals revenue for their business. Here at Aikey we belive that you don't have to collect all of your users personal information in order to give them a great user experience. That's why you can get great recommendations from Aikey without saving any of your users personal information. We store all their interactions, time spent on the site, the visitors city and country, things so we can create accurate recommendations, but nothing to identify your users. So both you an your users can rest assure that their data wont be used for our own benefit or be leaked in any data breach.

Security for you and your users

Not only is Aikey anonymous from the start, it also uses fully encrypted connection between your site and our servers. To ensure nobody is listening in on what your user is doing on your site.

We regularly keep our servers up to date with security updates and review our security. We also regularly backup your data on separate secure servers, just to be sure!

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