Why you should use Aikey

Aikey comes with many different types of product lists, product search with dynamic filtering and personalized ads. With these, your users can always find products and offers that best suit them. So instead of spending a long time looking through your entire product catalog that just ends in frustration, you can instead offer smart tools to quickly find the best products for your user. We also offer a review and favorite system, which gives you and your customers more value while giving better recommendations.

More than recommendations

Aikey includes many features to give your customers a better shopping experience. Our focus is on giving your customers the best individual recommendations for them, but it also comes with more smart features to improve their shopping experience. We also focus on having a fast and reliable services, so we can also speed up your category and search pages. This can do wonders for your convertion rate if your stuck on an old platform and because Aikey is so easy to implement to your online shop you don't have to rebuild it from scratch to have online shop using the latest technologies.

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Built-in security and anonymity

Your and your customers' security and integrity are very important to us. Your customers are completely anonymous in our system, which means that no additional GDPR approval from your customers is needed. This together with encrypted connections and a system built with security in mind, you can feel safe using Aikey.

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Do you have questions about Aikey?

You can always contact us with questions if theres something you would like no know more about.


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